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Common Problems


The most common injury at the elbow is tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). This is an inflammation of the tendon which attaches on the outside of the elbow joint. This can be as a result of repeated /overuse injuries or by tearing the tendon with a forceful lift, for example. A similar injury can occur on the inside of the elbow.  This is known as golfers elbow. The causes and pathology are very similar to tennis elbow.


Tennis elbow pain is generally felt on the outer bone of the elbow which is aggravated by direct pressure or gripping/ lifting object in the hand. In severe cases the elbow will hurt at rest or with the slightest movement of the joint.Problems involving the joint between the radius and ulna at the elbow can cause a grating sensation as you turn the palm of the hand to face up and down.


There are various treatments for tennis elbow including exercises, ultrasound, acupuncture and massage.Commonly the area round the tendon is injected with a steroid to reduce the inflammation around the tendon. Stretching and strengthening exercises should be included in the treatment of tennis elbow to try to re-establish the strength at the joint and prevent a recurrence.  Also if the problem has been caused by repetitive movement analysis of technique such as in racquet sports would be advisable. Sometimes changing the diameter of the racquet handle can solve the problem.
The most common cause of hip pain is osteo-arthritis. This is a wear and tear disorder if the surface of the hip joint.
Some spinal problems can also cause pain to be felt in the hip region and are often confused as a hip problem.
Runners can develop bursitis (swollen tissue) over the side and back of the hip due to over use.


Pain felt in the groin which is made worse by hip movement is one sign of a problem in the joint itself. Clicking and pain on the outer side can be a sign of iliotibial band syndrome.
Pain felt in the inner thigh is often caused by a groin muscle strain.


Specific treatments to the muscle or tendons around the hip include stretching exercises, electrotherapy, acupuncture or targeted massage techniques. Osteo-arthritis of the hip can lead to weakening of the outer hip muscles(abductors) this can be helped by strengthening exercises.

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