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Common Problems

Knee problems

The knee is the largest joint in the body. It is susceptible to ligament injury especially during contact sport or more advanced activity such as skiing. Later in life, osteo-arthritis is a common cause knee problems. Teenagers can experience pain over the front of the knee due to a tendon problem or misalignment of the knee cap. Cartilage problems are very common and tend to be caused by a twisting injury to the joint.


The position of pain in the knee depends on which structure is affected. Because of the anatomy of the joint, a lot of people feel pain over the inside of the knee, this can be due to cartilage, ligament or arthritis problems usually.
Clicking or ‘giving way’ tend to indicate a possible cartilage(meniscus) problem. 


Ligament sprains, muscle injuries and alignment problems respond well to physiotherapy.Meniscal tears and ligament ruptures (complete tears) are most commonly treated with surgery. Advanced arthritis con be treated with a replacement joint.With all knee problems, a carefully designed exercise programme is prescribed, especially for those who undergo surgery.

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